I’m a flight attendant and there’s a reason we sometimes ignore you on a plane.

A flight attendant has revealed why he sometimes ignores you on a flight – and won’t even serve you even if you ask.

Called deadheading, it means you might see a crew member in their uniform who is unable to help you.


Flight crew holding their heads up goes to another jobCredit: Getty – Contributor

According to Betty Theskywho wrote about her experiences as a flight attendant in her memoir “Betty in the Sky with a Suitcase,” she explained that standing tall means they’re officially on leave.

Although they are still wearing their uniforms, they are not on duty and therefore not officially working.

Betty explained that crew members are often on the plane if they are flying to their home base or if they are flying to another airport for another flight.

She wrote: “A lot of times we’re still in uniform, but we’re off duty. It drives some people crazy.

“If you see a flight attendant reading a magazine and sipping a drink or taking a nap, she’s not lazy, she’s just head down.”

Patrick Smith, author of Cockpit Confidential and the Ask The Pilot website, suggested that the flight attendant should always be on duty in certain situations.

He explained that it was “not the same as commuting to work or taking personal trips”.

Instead, they are still on “duty assignment” and were simply on “repositioning.”

This means that while they would not be required to help serve and assist passengers, they would still be required to help in an onboard emergency.

This is not the only passphrase used by flight attendants.

A flight attendant has revealed how you can tell if he likes you.

There’s even a phrase they use for passengers they think are hot.

    Even if they are heading uphill, the crew should still help in an emergency


Even if they are heading uphill, the crew should still help in an emergencyCredit: Getty

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