I was a flight attendant and now is the best time to go pee on a plane

A FORMER Flight Attendant revealed the best time to pee on a plane.

Aircraft bathrooms aren’t known to be fancy, but when you line up for passport control with a full bladder, they’ll love the best thing in the world.


Ex-flight attendant revealed the best time to pee on a planeCredit: Alamy

Mark Benders, a former flight attendant, has revealed the best time to pee on a plane to avoid an uncomfortable trip through the airport.

He wrote on the question and answer site Quora: “When you are on a flight and you start to feel like you are getting closer to your destination, the first time you feel the plane slowing down from cruising speed, you will have about half an hour before landing.

“This would be a good time to use the restroom, as the seat belt fastening light will come on soon and you will not be allowed out of your seat until the plane reaches the door. ‘baording.

“You never know if your landing or your arrival at the gate will be delayed.”

Meanwhile, Sun Online Travel previously reported the best time to poop on the plane.

Erika Roth, a former flight attendant who flew with commercial airlines for several years, says there are two times on a flight that provide the best time to go.

She said Mel Magazine that if you choose your time wisely, you could have up to ten minutes of peace and quiet to do your business.

According to Erika, the perfect time comes as soon as the seat belt signs are off, because most people won’t need the toilet yet.

Failing that, the next best moment comes right at the start of drink service, as most people are so keen on their free booze that they’re likely to cross their legs and wait instead of running out.

Another former flight attendant revealed how to use the toilet on a first class aircraft, even when traveling economy class.

Flight attendants also shared the strangest places they’ve found poop on a plane.

The best time to leave is approximately half an hour before the end of a flight


The best time to leave is approximately half an hour before the end of a flightCredit: Alamy
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