Gwalior will fly high with the new airport terminal

New Gwalior Airport Terminal: Gwalior, New Dunia Rep. The facilities are the basis of the development of the city. This will be the strongest foundation, the new Gwalior air terminal. After laying the foundation stone for the new air terminal which will be constructed at a cost of Rs 500 crore, it will be the largest terminal in the state to be completed in record time. An airport six times larger than the existing airport is being built on 20,000 square meters. Gwalior, which is connected by rail and road to major cities in the country and the state, will become stronger in terms of air service. Thanks to this project, which will increase the speed of air services, new dimensions of industry-employment will also be created. Regarding the new air terminal, the city’s business luminaries say the new terminal will pave the way for new opportunities for progress.

Why is the new terminal important for Gwalior?

The process of expanding air services in Gwalior city which has a better approach between major cities like Delhi-Bhopal has been started for some time. In the current situation, the capacity of 150 passengers is there at the existing airport, on top of that there is no cargo hub, hangar yet, there is less space for the aircraft stand up. Now, after the new air terminal is ready in 20,000 square meters, there will be a transport aircraft facility with the aircraft capacity. A residential complex is also being built for officers and employees as well as the parking area. Gwalior is already connected to cities in many states including Bangalore, Indore, Delhi, Bhopal, now after the construction of the new terminal, the aircraft movement will also increase. Thanks to this, representatives of industrial companies from large IT companies will be able to travel to Gwalior. At the same time, it will be more accessible for businessmen from Gwalior to travel to towns in other states. At the same time, tourist traffic will also increase to see the historical splendor of Gwalior.

Education-based tourism will be boosted

Gwalior Airport is one of the five airports in the state of Madhya Pradesh located in the northeastern part of the city. The development of the new airport terminal will boost education-based tourism and generate employment opportunities as a large portion of the local population depends on tourism for their livelihood. The city has enough potential for this.

What is the situation now

The existing airport’s civilian enclave operates on 30 acres of land with limited infrastructure. The current 3,500 square meter terminal can accommodate 150 to 200 passengers at peak times. The runway is suitable for handling A-320 type aircraft and the apron can accommodate an A-320 and two Q-400 and ATR-72 type aircraft.

new terminal

The new terminal will be developed over an area of ​​20,000 m², i.e. six times the current area. Equipped with four boarding bridges, the new terminal will be able to accommodate 1,400 passengers at peak times. The apron will accommodate nine types of A-320 and four ATR-72 aircraft. Apart from this, a cargo terminal will also be set up to promote regional industries.

The entrepreneur said – this is a big giveaway, Gwalior will benefit

It is a great gift, we sincerely hope that the aviation facility will increase, there is a circumference of three hundred km around Gwalior, its people will benefit. It will also prove to be a great gift for tourism and employment. Gwalior will also be easily connected to distant towns.

Ravi Gupta, President, Confederation of All Indian Traders

The new terminal will not only increase air service. With this, the big industrial houses that cannot come to Gwalior will start coming. All companies that have C&F stores in Indore want to come to Gwalior. I don’t want to go there because of the traffic and pollution in Delhi. This will lead to the full development of Gwalior.

Praveen Aggarwal, Secretary Mansewi, Chamber of Commerce

Gwalior has huge potential, it can also become an IT hub, but good connectivity is required first. Not only the passengers but also the investment come from the aircraft. The new terminal will bring changes, there is a lot of tourism potential here, the industry has potential, we are sitting with a treasure. This will advance Gwalior 20 years.

Ashish Vaish, President, Association of Indian Industries

It is certainly a big gift for Gwalior, trade, industry will go forward. Large industrialists from outside who could not build industries in Gwalior because air connectivity was not strong but now it will increase opportunities. Tourism will be stimulated.

Yash Goyal, businessman

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