Gross reason why cabin crew never use coffee machines or hot water on planes

A flight attendant has revealed the ‘rude’ reason why passengers should avoid ordering coffee or tea on a plane – but her claims have since been closed.

Cierra, from Utah in the United States, shared a now-viral TikTok explaining why you’ll never catch a crew member drinking a cup of tea on a flight.

“Unless we’re really desperate, we won’t be drinking the coffee or tea provided on the flight,” she said in the clip.

“The water we use for coffee and tea comes from the same place – and guess what? It is never cleaned.

She claimed that while some airlines may tell passengers that they perform regular water quality tests, they do not.

“We’re told it takes about six to nine months before there’s even a single test on an aircraft and they’re not going to clean that tank up unless they find something” , she said.

Kat Kamalani, another flight attendant who has had a total of 21.5 million likes on her TikToks, also shared a clip claiming the same.

“The reason is that these water tanks are never cleaned and they are disgusting,” she said.

“So talk to a flight attendant, we rarely, rarely drink tea or coffee, they come from the same tank of water and so when you drink that coffee and that tea, it comes from that hot water and that’s absolutely disgusting.”

Instead, she said to only ask for things in bottles, like bottled water and soft drinks.

However, several airline employees disputed these claims, including an aircraft maintenance technician.

“This does not apply to all airlines,” a staff member wrote on TikTok. “In our airline, I can attest that they really clean them.”

“I’ve been a flight attendant for 18 years, the hot water is good,” said another, although he admitted he had never drunk it cold.

“Ground handling agent who fills the planes with water here. We sanitize our water tanker weekly and send water samples from our truck weekly. »

An aircraft technician going through the ‘Stig Aviation’ handle made a Duo TikTok with Cierra explaining what is “really” going on with the tanks.

“The only thing she understood was that the water tank is the only place where you get the water for the kitchens,” he said.

“The toilets are disinfected regularly, four times a year if not more.”

He said an “ozone treatment” is one way to do this.

“[The machine] will be hooked up to the aircraft and ozone treated water will be pumped through the tanks and all lines to disinfect and clean any type of contaminants.

“Again, it’s done four times a year, if not more and it’s strictly regulated.”

He said the water is also tested by engineers who will ship sample kits to labs who will perform tests on the water itself making sure there are no contaminants or bacteria. .

He then showed off an airplane coffee maker saying what people don’t know is that he has his own water heater.

“The water coming out of it is close to boiling – don’t worry, your coffee and tea are fine,” he said.

“I drink it all the time, I’ve never had a problem. And by the way, the coffee makers themselves are changed with each flight by the catering.

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