Fresno Yosemite Airport Ranks Second in the Nation for Fastest Growing Small-Platform Airport

FRESNO, California. (KSEE) – Fresno-Yosemite International Airport is no longer in recovery mode after the pandemic.

In fact, right now it’s the:

  • 2nd fastest growing small airport in the country
  • 11th fastest in the country for the resumption of passenger traffic
  • Has seen a 32% increase in seat capacity June-August 2021 compared to June-August 2019

“It’s the increase in aircraft capacity and the increase in the number of flights. There are literally hundreds of hours that go through the checkpoint and we have never seen these volumes before, ”TSA spokeswoman Lorie Dankers said.

To deal with the increase in traffic, the TSA is hiring screening officers and offering a recruiting incentive of $ 1,000 to join the agency by the end of September.

They also installed new security technology that allows officers to have a better view inside carry-on baggage, allowing travelers to keep laptops and travel fluids inside.

“They are able to get this 3D image, they can rotate it, they are able to resolve security threats on the screen rather than doing a baggage check,” Dankers said.

As a reminder, the busiest schedules at Fresno-Yosemite Airport are:

  • 5-8 h
  • 10 am-1pm
  • 9 pm-10pm

Authorities recommend arriving 2 hours earlier for domestic flights and three hours earlier for international flights. They also want to remind travelers to remove tools, sharp objects and pepper spray from carry-on baggage before going through security.

“Planning ahead, getting there early, scheduling that extra time will ensure you get by,” Dankers said.

For those interested in applying to work for security, you can apply on

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