Flight attendants warn airline to “never use duct tape” after series of incidents

A U.S. airline has sent a note to its staff telling them not to use duct tape to hold unruly customers in the wake of incidents where flight attendants tied up passengers.

The memo of United Airlines reminded cabin crew to “calmly handle difficult situations” and to use “designated items”.

It clearly stated: “Alternative measures such as duct tape should never be used. “

It comes as shocking images have emerged of a 13-year-old boy held up on an American Airlines flight and glued to his seat.

The teen allegedly tried to kick a window and assaulted his mother as the plane flew between Maui and Los Angeles, according to CBSN.

The Airbus A321 took off at 12:44 p.m. and the teenager reportedly started its explosion an hour after the start of the flight, causing the plane to hijack to Honolulu.

Staff have been warned to “never” check in travelers if they get out of control

American Airlines flight attendants also recently restrained a woman with duct tape after trying to open the plane’s doors during a flight.

In the memo, staff were also urged to follow their “regular de-escalation and training process” and always use their “best judgment”, which implies that they should not hold travelers up as hostages.

United Airlines has encouraged staff not to use dishonest methods to restrict customers, but rather to deal with difficult situations by using the “meeting process”, speaking to the captain and other senior staff.

The recent incident involving the 13-year-old boy was not the first time that an incident has occurred on one of the airline’s planes.

flight attendant bends over the seats
Airline crews have used unconventional means to restrict customers before

In 2003, a man on an American Airlines flight from Dallas Fort Worth, Texas to Charlotte, North Carolina was forcibly tied to his case in July, according to the Napa Valley Registry.

Another passenger said the man “paced and read the Bible” and became “restless”.

In 2008, The Seattle Times reported American Airlines also taped a woman on a flight from Puerto Rico to Chicago after hitting a flight attendant on the buttocks with the back of her hand.

Earlier this month, an angry passenger who “touched the breasts of two flight attendants” and claimed his parents were worth two million dollars before hitting an airline staff member was taped to his seat on a Frontier Airlines flight.

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