Flight attendant reveals travel secrets, including common toilet mistake

A former flight attendant has revealed some secret tips she believes everyone should use when traveling by plane.

Kat Kamalani @katkamalani made a TikTok video showing people how to make more money from airlines when they sell too many flights, as well as toilet trivia.

The flight attendant has already explained why putting your seat and tray in place during take off and landing is a “life and death” necessity.

In this latest clip, she says, “I bet you didn’t know these three travel tips I do every time.

“First of all, if you’re a girl, always check the washroom for extra tampons and towels – if they’re not there, ask a flight attendant.

Former flight attendant Kat Kamalani makes videos on the flight

“Everyone still thinks you can’t use the first class toilet, but you absolutely can.

“As long as you’re not standing in the kitchen, you’re free to use their toilet.”

Kat then explains what to do if your flight has been oversold and begs people to “never take the first offer.”

She says, “We’ve all been through where we’re on an oversold flight and they’re trying to get people off the plane.

Ex-flight attendant says first-class toilet use is fine
Ex-flight attendant says first-class toilet use is fine

“Always go to the gate agent and negotiate the benefits before accepting their first offer. “

The video has been viewed 19,000 times since Kat uploaded it on Wednesday, November 17. Many viewers revealed that they paid after negotiating with agents.

One person commented, “We received $ 800 once and the first offer was $ 100. “

A second confessed: “When I was 13, they upgraded me and my sister to ‘executive’, which I believe is first class Canadian.”

” What ! I totally thought we couldn’t use the first class toilet, ”someone else said.

Another viewer shared, “I always use the first class bathroom shoot, I just sit there waiting.”

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