Flight attendant reveals hidden button in airplane toilet

A flight attendant revealed the function of a secret button on the plane’s lavatory door that most passengers have no idea exists.

The next time you use the bathroom during a flight, you may need to keep an eye on the door – which has a secret button which means it can be opened from the outside.

Flight attendants and frequent travelers have revealed where this latch is, as well as why it exists.

The button is located under the metal sign on the door that reads “sinks”.

Under the flap is a latch that when turned will turn the lock, meaning it can be opened from the outside.

However, it is unlikely to be used by other passengers and is primarily used for emergencies.

The crew are likely to enter the washroom if someone suffers from health problems or if a child accidentally locks themselves there.

Other travelers explained on Quora, “It’s not that they will do it unnecessarily, don’t worry.

“This feature is in place just for in-flight safety.”

A flight attendant added that he often only opened the door if someone was there while the plane landed: you were fine.

“If that was not done in this case, it must have been opened with the idea that there was not much time to waste as the descent had been announced.”

Others added that it also means that the flight crew can lock it out from the outside when the plane takes off and lands, to prevent anyone from using it – a much better use for that.

Aircraft bathrooms also hide many other secrets – Joselin Lora, cabin service employee for Delta, revealed the hidden cabinet that you can open that contains tissues and sanitary supplies.

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