Flight attendant hilariously shows off before and after drinks on Vegas trips

TikTok user and flight attendant Detroit nicknames made a video of herself pouring drinks for a crowd of passengers on board heading to Las Vegas. Legend tells us that the Vegas-hungry party wants everything from an assortment of snacks and cocktails, like a “double tequila marg with extra lime” with water on the side. Obviously, these people are too excited to wait to land in Sin City to wait to fend off the fire and get the party started.

The return flight, however, is a much different story. As the legend goes, only two people on the entire flight ordered a Diet Coke. This leads to the assumption that everyone on board, compared to their wild, booze-hungry attitudes earlier, is feeling the effects of a night out in Las Vegas. Commenters on the video couldn’t help but laugh at the sheer contrast. “When you live in Vegas, every flight home I order coke and everyone around me orders booze,” one user said. “I grew up in Las Vegas and really love people watching flights,” another wrote.

It seems people getting hungovers on airplanes aren’t too rare if you’re a traveler. Cheap flights suggests that those with hangovers should wear loose clothing, drink plenty of water, and try to find a seat closest to the bathroom.

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