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Nassim is a crew member who has been flying the skies for years. She exclusively explained to Express.co.uk the most effective way for travelers to get an upgrade on their next holiday.

The flight attendant said, “I would definitely recommend being really nice to the crew and bringing snacks or treats is always a major plus.”

However, Nassim warned that it “depends on who’s on the flight, to be honest”.

“If the person in charge of the flight or the captain is strict enough, we may not be able to be upgraded anyway.”

She continued: “If it’s a casual team, they’ll try to do it.

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“I used to always outclass people who were really nice or brought us treats if possible.

“We will do everything for the passengers who are nice to us but we will not try so hard for those who are not,” she explained.

The stewardess also shared a very useful money-saving hack for those traveling on a budget.


“But yeah, to save money, I would definitely say bring your own snacks!!

“Save so much money and you get so much more.

“Furthermore, the options we have on board are limited.

“We can’t always guarantee that everything will be in stock or that there will be enough for everyone,” she explained.

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