FAA fines unruly passenger $ 20,000 on flight to Los Angeles – NBC Los Angeles

Passenger who was unruly aboard a flight to Los Angeles from New York, forcing the pilot to return to the terminal gate and delaying take-off, was fined $ 20,000 by the Federal Aviation Administration, the agency said on Wednesday.

The fine imposed on the anonymous passenger was one of 10 fines announced Wednesday, totaling more than $ 200,000 in civil penalties.

According to the FAA, the passenger to Los Angeles was on a flight from New York on January 4. As the pilot walked away from the New York gate, the passenger “shouted orders at several flight attendants,” then removed his seat belt, began to move around the plane and refused the instruction to return to his seat.

The passenger then threatened a flight attendant with a curse.

“As he moved down the aisle during taxiing, he made physical contact with a flight attendant and continued to yell names,” according to the FAA. “The flight returned to the boarding gate and law enforcement was forced to board the flight to remove the man.”

According to the FAA, since the start of the year, the agency has received more than 100 reports of passenger disruption involving “physical assault.” While the FAA can assess civil penalties, it can also refer cases to federal prosecutors for review of criminal charges if warranted.

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