Extraordinary pilot skills in a show battling crosswinds at Maderia Airport

Extraordinary pilot skills were on display battling crosswinds at Maderia Airport in Portugal.

The video was captured by Maderia Aviation based at Maderia Airport.

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Typically, aircraft land and take off into the wind to reduce the landing or takeoff distance.

In some cases, aircraft land with a slight downwind component – usually associated with noise-sensitive airports where one runway is preferred over another.

When a pilot faces a crosswind landing, they must point the aircraft into the direction of the wind while maintaining a straight path to the runway.

This is called the crab or yaw.

In strong crosswinds, the pilot can also dip the wing – sideslip – in the direction of the wind.

Just before touchdown, the pilots apply rudder to bring the aircraft – and its landing gear – back into line directly with the runway centreline.

It takes great skill and the results – if not done correctly – are often quite spectacular.

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