Emirates flight attendant reveals what not to do on a plane

An Emirates flight attendant has shared a video explaining the five things passengers should do “never” do on an airplaneconfirming certain suspicions about the cleanliness of the aircraft.

Danielle, who lives in Cheshire in the UK, shared the video on TikTok (@danidboyy1) and it quickly went viral with 4.1 million views from curious travellers.

“Here are five things I would never do if I was traveling as a passenger,” she begins in the video.

His first advice is to never “go to the bathroom without shoes”.

Watch the video above

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Flight attendant Danielle shared her advice for plane passengers on TikTok. (ICT Tac)

“It may look like water on the ground, but trust me guys, it really isn’t. I’m sure you can guess what it is,” she explains.

Her second piece of advice, which she admits “could be a little controversial”, is to “never go to sleep” with your face against the window.

“So many people, hundreds if not thousands, have had access to that window and touched it,” says Danielle.

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flight attendant five things not to do on a plane
“It may look like water on the floor, but trust me guys, it really isn’t.” (Getty Images/iStockphoto)

This leads to his third piece of advice which is to never “touch anything in the bathroom with your bare hands”, including the toilet flush. Danielle says she “uses tissues to touch anything”.

Next, she explains that the tray table should always be thoroughly sanitized before being used for meals.

“I would never use the airplane tray table without sanitizing it first,” she explains.

“Especially true if I’m going to eat a meal there, I’d like to make sure it’s clean.”

flight attendant five things not to do on a plane
Most of Danielle’s advice is related to hygiene. (ICT Tac)

Her fifth and final piece of advice, which seems to be related to the hygiene issues mentioned in her first four points, is that she will “never join the mile high club”.

“Shouldn’t the airline make sure the trays are clean before every flight?” a TikToker commented.

“So the main advice is to bring antibacterial wipes and gel,” added another.

“Aren’t they supposed to be thoroughly cleaned after flights?” said another.

flight attendant five things not to do on a plane
The cabin crew member advises to clean the trays thoroughly before meals. (Getty)

“Who takes off their shoes on an airplane?” wondered another.

A TikToker shared his experience on a flight that resulted in an unexpected sunburn.

“Once I fell asleep with the window open and my face next to the window… I woke up with an interesting sunburn,” they recall.

“Basically don’t touch anything on a plane,” said another.

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