Dublin Airport passengers furious at returning ‘insane’ security queues that stretched into car park

Passengers at Dublin Airport were furious at the return of ‘insane’ security queues that stretched out of the building and into the car park over the weekend.

One person claimed that it took him about 70 minutes to get through security in Terminal 2 at the airport.

Just weeks ago the airport hired new security staff after struggling to deal with backlogs of up to three hours since air travel returned to full capacity in March this year .

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But after several weeks of improvements, passengers again took to social media to complain after suffering stressful delays at security on Saturday and Sunday before “desperately [running] at their doorstep.

Irish comedian Dara Ó Briain was one of the unlucky passengers who got caught up in the chaos and took to Twitter to express his frustration at the “insane” queues.

He said it took him 70 minutes to get through security, but praised airport staff for their “patience”.

Mr Ó Briain wrote: “More senseless queues trying to get out of Dublin. Important to say though, @DublinAirport, you should be on your knees, thanking your staff for the patience and charm with which they handle this mess you got put them in.”

Explaining the length of the queue, he said: “At T2 it stretched from the building into the rental car area, so probably over an hour, 70 minutes, just to get through security. Obviously , do the online check-in and save yourself doing that queue too.”

Another passenger queuing at the airport described it as a ‘mega queue’, writing: ‘The @DublinAirport queue for security is currently going to the check-in side at T2 until the escalator to the back of the short-term car park and vice versa.

One man posted a picture of the long queue and wrote: ‘Why do these things happen when I fly solo? Security queue is almost in the car park #DublinAirport’

Another disgruntled passenger said: “#DublinAirport is a mess…people have to wait in huge queues [several] times and run desperately to their door…”

Current advice from Dublin Airport for anyone departing in the next few days is:

  • allow up to 2.5 hours before a short-haul flight and up to 3.5 hours before a long-haul flight
  • If your flight is at 08:30 or later, please do not enter the terminals before 06:00
  • T1 security is now open 24/7
  • Security in T2 opens at 04:00, so people traveling from T2 should take this into account
  • Airline check-in and baggage drop counter opening times vary, so please contact your airline to confirm and plan your trip accordingly

A Dublin Airport spokesperson has been contacted by the Irish Mirror for comment.

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