Coastal Carolina Regional Airport celebrates completion of new 90th anniversary fire and rescue facility on November 19


NEW BERN, NC (WNCT) – Coastal Carolina Regional Airport (EWN) is proud to announce the completion of its new Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting (ARFF) facility, an event that coincides with the celebration of 90e birthday.

The installation of the AARF is the culmination of a multi-year plan to increase the capabilities of the airport’s on-site firefighting team while paving the way for future improvements to the terminal.

In 2019, the airport received funding to build the airport’s very first stand-alone firefighting facility through an additional development grant from the FAA. As a commercial service airport, EWN is required to maintain the highest FAA standards for passenger and aircraft safety.

“With this new consolidated facility, ARFF operations and training will be optimized to increase the overall safety and efficiency of the traveling public as well as the firefighters themselves,” said airport manager Andy Shorter.

The new facility has two equipment bays and the airport will purchase a second ARFF truck to provide additional support for larger aircraft. There is also a large training hall which will be a valuable enrichment for individual training and group training, as well as performing large-scale training exercises.

As an added benefit to the community, this facility has all the amenities of any municipal fire station, making it well suited to act as a community resource for disaster recovery operations or as a as a local emergency operations center.

“It is normal that during his 90e anniversary, the airport is able to commission a new transformative facility that will not only increase the level of safety and training at the airport, but also provide high-level emergency support throughout the region “Shorter said. “We have a proud history and are happy to usher in the start of our 10e decade with this new facility.

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