Christopher Morgan of Phoenix, Arizona attacks a Delta Air Lines flight attendant – CONAN Daily

Christopher Alexander Morgan38 years old, from Phoenix, Arizona, USA was a Delta Airlines first class passenger on April 22, 2022. He returned home to Phoenix from Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Sitting in seat 1D, Morgan reclined his seat all the way back and refused to put on his seat belt before the plane left the ground. He was uncooperative and unwilling to comply with their instructions when two flight attendants told him he had to straighten his seat back for takeoff.


Morgan ordered an alcoholic drink once the plane was airborne. It was served but when he ordered a second, a flight attendant offered him a soft drink instead.

Because of this, Morgan called the stewardess “f-” and “queer” and threw a glass of ice cream at the stewardess. He also held the glass he was holding in front of the face of the passenger seated in seat 2G, who attempted to intervene.

When the flight attendant went to the galley to call the captain, Morgan got up from his seat, grabbed the flight attendant’s phone, and used the phone to punch the flight attendant. edge to the chest. Once the flight lands at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix, Federal Bureau of Investigation officers met the plane and questioned Morgan.

According to Morgan, the Delta Air Lines flight attendant was gay, which made him uncomfortable. He said he was homophobic and that his homophobia may have caused his anger towards the flight attendant to escalate.

The Phoenix resident admitted to calling the flight attendant “queer” but denied assaulting her by touching a phone during the flight. He was arrested and charged with interfering with flight crew members or attendants.

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