Chicago Jet Group Gets STC Approval for UA InSight on Falcon 900B

CJG’s STC solutions for the Falcon 900B cockpit upgrade are designed to allow operators to choose between a phase one or phase two package. Phase 1 replaces FMS NZ-2000 by adding two SBAS-FMS UA UNS-1Fw, including LP and LPV approach capabilities, CVR-120A cockpit voice recorder and UniLink UL-801 communications management unit .

In phase two, the InSight integrated cockpit solution replaces the old EFIS EDZ-800 system with four UA InSight EFI-1040 displays, EFIS dual-touch control display units, two alphanumeric keypads and the SAM MD-302 watch attitude from the middle of the continent. , for a weight gain of over 250 pounds.

Flexibility in downtime and budget

CJG’s two-phase installation gives Falcon 900B operators flexibility in coordinating budget and downtime. The most complete installation offers both phase 1 and phase 2 in a single downtime event.

“The InSight display system continues to gain traction in the market, with nine STCs available or in advanced development demonstrating the scalability of the system for business aviation,” said Dror Yahav, CEO of UA. “Upcoming upgrades for enhanced flight vision systems and cockpit connectivity will put the updated aircraft in the front line of business jets. “

The CJG Falcon 900B STC for InSight is available from select authorized Universal Avionics distributors.

A few years ago, Chicago Jet Group received FAA approval for the AML STC ST03262-CH for complete FANS 1 / A + system installations that incorporate the Latitude DL150 satellite data unit.

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