Cabin crew play ball with surprise narco control as man pranks girlfriend in unique proposition

Surprise security checks while traveling can cause great anxiety even if there is nothing to worry about. So naturally, a woman recently traveling to Bengaluru from Mumbai panicked when cabin crew stopped her to check her bag. Only, it was a prank that turned into a mid-flight proposal.

Yes, Instagram user Manu Raj was planning to pop the question to his girlfriend, Nidhi, through a prank on a Go first plane. In a viral video, the woman is seen growing concerned when a flight attendant suddenly asks to examine her bag for a surprise narcotics check.

As the woman nervously opens her bag and is seen with her boarding pass, the stewardess asks her to turn left, where the man is seen standing with a bouquet of flowers in his hands . As she breathes a sigh of relief accompanied by shock and disbelief, the man is seen kneeling in the aisle asking her to marry him. “Surprising her at 30,000 feet above sea level,” the clip read.

Explaining how he pulled off the epic stunt, the man wrote in the caption that his girlfriend was supposed to meet him at Bengaluru airport upon his arrival. However, he flew to Mumbai and checked in early on the same flight to befriend the cabin crew members and let them participate in his plan.

“Explain the conspiracy to the cabin crew, scare them that narcotics were scanned in her purse,” he wrote. Finally, he concluded by saying: “surprise her with flowers and the engagement ring”.

With his video attracting almost four million views so far, the man thanked the airlines for helping him pull off the prank. As a bonus, he also wrote: “The cabin crew made an announcement on the microphone to congratulate us. I cannot thank Go-First enough for their cooperation.

People on social media agreed that it was indeed a unique proposition, but many admitted that “anxiety would have killed me”, others were simply impressed that the crew cooperated with him.

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