Biden lands at Hagerstown Regional Airport in Air Force One

President Joe Biden flew into Hagerstown Regional Airport on Friday ahead of his visit to the Volvo Group Trucks powertrain plant north of the city.

Live Blog:President Joe Biden visits Hagerstown, the Volvo factory

Air Force One landed just after 12:10 p.m. at Showalter Road Airport north of Hagerstown.

About 30 assistants and others left the plane first, through its rear door.

Biden appeared at the plane’s front door moments later. Hagerstown Mayor Emily Keller was there to greet the president once he came down the stairs. After speaking for a few minutes, Biden got into the presidential vehicle and was not seen again before the motorcade left the airport.

Keller was taken away first, but returned less than a minute later and got into the vehicle with the president.

Security was tightened at the airport. No one was generally allowed to enter the property after mid-morning.

Live Blog:President Joe Biden visits Hagerstown, the Volvo factory

Members of the public were not invited to see Air Force One land. A few members of the media joined a dozen airport officials, security and others on the airport tarmac.

It took about 13 minutes from the time Air Force One landed until the motorcade left the airport to travel the short distance to Volvo on Maugans Avenue.

Once at Volvo, Biden was to talk about “building the economy from the bottom up and in the middle.”

President Joe Biden walks with Martin Weissburg, president of Volvo Group North America and president of Mack Trucks, at the Volvo Group Trucks powertrain plant Friday in Hagerstown.

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