Best movies and TV shows on HBO Max this weekend (April 23-24, 2022)

With April coming to an end, HBO Max is celebrating the spring season by forcing everyone to stay indoors with top-notch movie hits and TV programming. It’s true: No one is allowed to enjoy the season of blooming flowers and pollen allergies when they subscribe to HBO Max. Here are the best movies and TV shows streaming on HBO Max this weekend, from gritty superhero revivals and returning HBO favorites to the most idolized boxer to ever grace the big screen with “Yo Adrian, I Did It!”

The Batman is now streaming on HBO Max

The Batman was released a day earlier on Monday, April 18 on HBO Max, despite previous reports that it would be released on April 19. If subscribers haven’t had time during the week to catch up on Robert Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne/Batman detective antics in Gotham, they should clear this weekend just for this movie. The Batman has been hailed as one of the best Batman movies since The black Knightand Pattinson’s portrayal of the masked vigilante has won a passionate fan following.

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Directed by Matt Reeves, The Batman follows Bruce Wayne, who is still relatively fresh in his secret crime-fighting job in Gotham. Almost the entire film is spent with Bruce hunting down The Riddler, who targets Gotham’s elites. Alongside Bruce is Selina Kyle/Catwoman, who is an empowering companion who both compels Bruce and complicates his moral code. While the most recent depiction of Batman (Ben Affleck) has been criticized for comic book inaccuracy, The Batman overturns this review with superior detective skills and a brooding voice that could (but won’t) kill.

Barry finally returns after three years

After the longest three years of HBO’s life, Bill Hader’s comedy masterpiece, barry, finally returns. To prove how long it’s been, HBO Max didn’t even exist when barryThe Season 2 finale aired in 2019. While barry fans won’t be able to use their free Saturday to tune in barryfrom the third season premiere, it will be available Sunday night at 9 p.m. ET/PT. Given the hitman/aspiring actor’s fan engagement, Saturday will be a grueling day to know that barry still hasn’t graced their screens.

To quickly recap the last season, barry is determined to put his life as a killer behind him, but it turned out to be an impossible task. After the Barry Monastery Massacre in the Season 2 finale, he officially undid all the work he had done to advance as an actor. There’s also the big question of what will happen between Barry and his acting mentor Gene, who now knows Barry killed the love of his life. With all the twists and betrayals from last season, Season 3 has to pull out all the stops to keep getting darker and funnier.

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Is she the flight attendant or the CIA informant?

Speaking of living a double life, Kaley Cuoco’s Cassie is back as a CIA informant with a dangerous adventure in season 2 of The stewardess. The basic summary of The stewardess Season 1 tells of Cassie, a reckless alcoholic who is a flight attendant, waking up one morning in a Bangkok hotel next to a corpse. Although she has no memory of the previous night, she cleans up the crime scene and tries to pretend nothing happened. From there, she gets caught up in an international crime loop where she eventually helps solve the case in the Season 1 finale.

For Cuoco, this series is a highlight of his career. Best known for the role of Penny in The Big Bang Theory for 12 years, she finally managed to break out of this mold with The stewardess. After 20 years on television, Cuoco received his first Emmy nomination for The stewardess, which she also executive produced. Without a doubt, The stewardess is a character study worth watching, especially now that the second season promises to be more inclusive than ever.

A small audience has more artists in season 3

The public is not literally microscopic, but A small audience might attract a larger audience if it did. Instead, the audience is much smaller, but it feels more comforting and intimate in this setting. A small audience returns to HBO with its third season, and it is expected to follow the same format it held for two seasons.

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Each episode features a musical artist who begins by revealing something to the audience that they never would have known. They then perform three songs: their biggest hit, a song that is dear or important to them, and a cover, a duet or a previously unheard acoustic version of a new song. The show offers an in-depth look at the featured artist and how music has shaped his life.

Watch the Rocky franchise before it left HBO Max

In the world of streaming services, it’s practically a rite of passage for movies and TV shows to be tossed in the wasteland for other movies and shows to take their place. As the end of April approaches, HBO Max subscribers will have to say goodbye to the Rocky series. All six episodes of the original series will leave HBO Max on April 30. So this weekend is the perfect time to watch the rags-to-riches boxer’s trials and tribulations throughout his career.

While all movies should be watched in order for chronological reasons, some episodes just don’t stand up to others. By far the best movie is the one that started it all, Rocky, only because it looks more like a classic than anything else. Surprisingly (and perhaps even against popular opinion), the last of the original series, Rocky Balboais a close second. Rocky Balboa restores the heart of the franchise by returning to its roots, which tells the story of the underdog. Even if the other additions don’t stand up to these two, they’re still a good time to watch on the weekends.

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