Asia’s Largest Professional Cargo Airport Opens

Ezhou Huahu Airport positions itself as a cargo hub, secondary passenger line, public hub and cargo navigation base. It took eight years for the airport to develop, from preliminary planning in 2014 to completion and operation in 2022. The airport project investment amounted to 30.842 billion yuan, and The project consists of three parts: the airport project, the transshipment center and the SF airlines base project and the oil supply project, according to Ezhou Converged Media Center.

In August 2015, Hubei The international logistics central hub project was ranked as the best project in the province. On September 17, 2020, Hubei and the Civil Aviation Administration of China held a working meeting at Wuhan. The two sides decided to jointly promote Wuhan Tianhe Airport to become an international hub in the central region and Ezhou Huahu Airport to become a first-class air cargo transportation hub, forming a dual hub for passenger and cargo aviation with the two airports offering to create “an exit channel in the sky” in Hubei.

Ezhou Huahu Airport is designed to serve a passenger throughput of 1 million visits and a cargo and mail throughput of 2.45 million tons in 2025. The level of support for the operation of the airport is 4E. In this phase, two parallel long-distance runways and taxiway systems will be constructed in the east and west. The tracks are 3,600 meters long and 45 meters wide, with a track spacing of 1,900 meters.

A cargo transit center with an area of ​​nearly 700,000 square meters, a terminal with an area of ​​15,000 square meters and 124 stations will also be built, which may correspond to Memphis International Airport in United States.

The test flight was carried out at the end of March, the airport was put into operation in mid-July, and the cargo function will be fully open by the end of November.

According to Hubei International Logistics Airport Co., Ltd., after the airport is put into operation, the one and a half hour flight circle can cover 90% of China economic aggregate and 80 percent of the population. Huahu Airport will open 7 routes and 9 destinations from Ezhou to beijingShanghai, Shenzhen, Xiamen and Kunming at the initial stage of passenger transport.

For cargo transportation, the airport will open domestic services first, followed by international services. Two routes from Ezhou to Shenzhen and Shanghai will be opened in the first phase. Once the international cargo transport function is fully operational, international cargo routes to destinations such as Osaka and Frankfurt will be open. The airport will gradually become a world-class air cargo transportation hub and strive to build a new logistics hub in China and even the Asia Pacific Region.

As a major national productivity project, Huahu Airport assumes the responsibility of participating in the global aviation logistics competition on behalf of Chinaand is the most important project of Hubei Province, according to a senior Ezhou official. After its commissioning, the airport will surely become the key support for Hubei build a pioneer area to build a new development model in China.

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Caption: Ezhou Huahu Airport

SOURCE Ezhou Convergent Media Center

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