Anger at the image of an air passenger’s hair draped over the seat

“Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let your hair down!”

In the classic Grimm Brothers fairy tale, the main character’s long hair is the key to his rescue.

But it wasn’t a fairy tale for a passenger on a flight who might have wanted to be saved.

A photo posted on Twitter has gone viral and made the news around the world.

Image of Twitter user Anthony, known as @ Antman0528, shows the unidentified leaflet’s hair draped over the back of their seat and in front of the seat tray.

Captioned: “Does that p … turn you off?”, It seems indeed annoys a lot of commentators.

Thousands of comments sharply criticized the furry leaflet, with many calling it “rude” and “completely inconsiderate and unnecessary”.

Other comments included some revenge: “I quietly lowered the tray, let his hair fall out and then closed it.”

“Just sneeze in it a few times,” was another comment.

Some sought common ground: “It would definitely be boring, but for people with long hair, I understand why they do it, I don’t know what a TBH compromise would be, as long as they understand that I might need to. to move it or handle it sometimes, we could come to an agreement.

It’s unclear which airline this happened on or when it happened, but this isn’t the first time a photo of a passenger’s hair draped in their seat has caused a stir online.

Last year a video has been shared online another passenger in a similar position, but they took matters into their own hands by cutting their travel companion’s hair, adding chewing gum and dropping it in coffee, though the footage was charged to be staged.

The bad behavior of passengers on planes has long been documented on the popular Instagram account “Passenger shaming”, created by a former flight attendant.

Since the resumption of travel to the United States after the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been an increase in passenger misbehavior on flights. Many of these incidents were linked to the compulsory wearing of masks on board, which became the rule in May.

In some of the most high-profile incidents, unruly passengers were glued to their seats, while another was fined over $ 13,000 for refusing to wear a mask and blowing their nose on a blanket. plane.

The United States Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) said there were 4,385 cases of unruly passengers on board flights this year. The series of incidents prompted Delta Air Lines to share a list of 600 banned passengers with the FAA and ask other airlines to do the same.

“A banned customer list doesn’t work as well if that customer can travel with another airline,” the airline said in a statement.


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