Anderson Cooper knows who wants to replace Chris Cuomo on CNN

Anderson Cooper has revealed there was at least one well-qualified dark horse candidate looking to replace former CNN presenter Chris Cuomo, who was sacked by the cable news giant earlier this month.

A host of Anderson Cooper 360 ° and corresponding in the long term 60 minutes, Cooper was speaking with Stephen Colbert on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert when he named the unexpected potential candidate to replace Cuomo on his Cuomo Prime Time program.

“The first call after hearing the news from Chris Cuomo was from Andy Cohen,” Cooper revealed. “He was like, “Do you think I could get this show?” “

Sadly, while Cohen can count on Cooper as a close friend in real life, it was evident that Cooper was not as favorable in his potential career as a cable news host.

“Andy, you have enough real estate [in television]Cooper recalled his response.

“It would be nice, however,” replied Colbert.

Cuomo was fired from the network over allegations of sexual harassment and inappropriate assistance to his brother, former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who was himself dealing with the sexual harassment allegations.

While Cooper’s professional approach to Cohen may seem callous to strangers, their friendship is unlikely to be damaged in the long run. The two are successful, TV personalities and proud fathers, and their young sons have become friends as well.

In an interview with Cooper and Kaley Cuoco from The stewardess on an episode of Watch what is happening live Last December, Cohen felt comfortable enough to talk about being part of an exclusive sex club.

“Have any of you ever joined the kilometer club?” Cohen asked, before revealing “I’m in it.” Are you guys? “

“No,” Cuoco replied.

“Are you?” a stunned Cooper asked.

“I am,” Cohen replied, later revealing that he was on a flight to France, that he was not in a bathroom and that he was not with a hostess from the air.

Cooper made amends a bit later The late show, however, when he explained why Cohen thinks he should be considered a candidate for the vacant CNN position.

“He feels fully qualified to lead a presidential debate because he led the Housewives Meeting.

“I agree 100%,” Colbert then replied.

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