Airport road: NHAI will construct feeder roads near the IAF air base at Yelahanka

The highway has no service roads from the end of the BSF headquarters to Hunasamaranahalli Lake

The highway has no service roads from the end of the BSF headquarters to Hunasamaranahalli Lake

The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) will construct service roads near Yelahanka Air Base, which will help smooth traffic flow on the highway to Kempegowda International Airport (KIA). The highway has no service roads from the end of the BSF headquarters to Hunasamaranahalli Lake.

In mid-May, the road to the airport was flooded due to incessant rain as part of the low area of ​​the highway near the air base was flooded with rainwater, resulting in an accumulation of traffic for miles. Unable to reach the airport in time, many had missed flights.

The leaflets had criticized the NHAI for failing to clear the gridlock on one of the main highways for which high toll charges are levied from road users.

Chief Director General of the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI), MK Wathore said The Hindu that a service road on the 2 km stretch will be built in the next few days and the Defense authorities will be approached to search for the land necessary for the construction of the service road.

Asked about the reason for the waterlogging in the area, the official said: “The waterlogging is due to heavy rains. The drainage system is clogged with plastic and other waste. We have given instructions to the authorities to deal with these issues and help keep traffic flowing.”

On the other hand, Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL) is constructing an elevated metro line along the highway from Hebbal to the airport. Near the airbase, BMRCL is constructing the subway line using a cut-and-cover method. The BMRCL will remove several structures that interfere with alignment.

A BMRCL official said, “We need to remove five buildings and several utility structures that impede our alignment and also facilitate the construction of a service road on the right side of the highway. BMRCL will construct the structures, overhead reservoir, subway and others as compensatory measures in accordance with IAF requirements. NHAI will construct the feeder road on both sides.”

DCP Traffic (North) Savitha S. added: “We had given strict instructions to the officials concerned on the cleaning of the water drainage system. The waterlogging caused hardship for the public as traffic accumulated for hours.”

No progress in adding lanes near Hebbal

NHAI had planned to add more lanes from the Hebbal flyover to the walkway near the Esteem Mall. Many years ago, the trees that were on Defense land were cut down to build more lanes. But the project never came to fruition.

The Hebbal flyover is known for traffic jams as thousands of vehicles arrive from different directions. Construction of additional lanes near the footbridge would help smooth traffic flow to Sahakarnagar.

Hebbal Bus Terminal is used daily by hundreds of passengers using interstate services and city buses operated by the BMTC. In the evening, buses and other vehicles are parked haphazardly, blocking traffic.

On the other hand, near the Sadahalli toll, NHAI had planned to build an underpass and remove the existing traffic light. Design flaws forced the authority to abandon the project halfway through. Removing the signal at the point would make the freeway a signalless corridor to KIA.

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