Air India Express workers locked inside Madurai airport

The Tamil Nadu Chamber of Commerce and Industry has asked the Union Home Ministry to investigate an incident in which a few Air India Express officials and staff were stranded outside inside Madurai Airport for nearly an hour on Tuesday night after CISF staff were locked out. the doors.

In a statement, its chairman, N. Jegatheesan, said CISF staff refused to cooperate with the operation of the Madurai-Singapore flight.

Flight services that were halted due to COVID-19 resumed on Tuesday.

While the flight was scheduled to depart at 9:35 p.m. from Madurai airport, CISF staff locked the gates of the terminal building at 9:30 p.m. itself, Mr Jegatheesan charged.

“About 20 Air India Express employees were unable to leave the terminal building after work. It was only after the issue was raised with the airport manager that CISF staff opened the doors. Employees were stranded for almost an hour late at night,” Mr Jegatheesan said.

Stating that the current timing of the Madurai-Singapore flight was ideal not only for passengers but also for the export of perishables like fruits, vegetables and flowers, the statement said 5,259 kg of cargo was exported nothing than Tuesday.

Stating that the CISF personnel refused to cooperate in the operation of the flight, asserting that they had not received any orders from the Union Home Office, the Chamber asked the Ministry of Civil Aviation and the Union Home Office to take immediate action to ensure an uninterrupted flight. Madurai-Singapore flight services.

In addition to investigating the incident, he sought appropriate action against the errant officials.

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