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Theft is just one of the crimes travelers might face in their hotel room. While you might assume that your hotel room is safe from theft, one study found that 38% of guest thefts took place in hotel rooms. A number of videos have appeared online recently showing how easy it is to break into a hotel room.

Afterwards, Cici places the privacy sign on the doorknob outside her room and leaves her suitcase outside the door.

This is to prevent anything going under the door, like cameras.

CiCi also makes sure to minimize the risk of theft when she is also away.

She said: “When I leave my room I leave the TV on with the volume high. Not loud enough to disturb people, just at normal volume I would watch TV regularly.”

Keeping your hotel room secret can help with security, and CiCi always makes sure to do so.

Another hotel room hack has been leaked by a flight attendant, this time explaining how to create blackout blinds in any room.

Victoria Leigh is a flight attendant based in California. She posts her travel tips and insights into cabin crew life to her 81,400 followers on her TikTok.

She showed how to use a coat hanger to completely close the blinds.

Fans were quick to praise the trick. One said, “Solid gold button, that is. (Why don’t the curtains ever fully close?)”

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