Actor Karl Shafek calls this flight attendant for TikToking while working

Karl Shafek took to his Instagram today (Tuesday, October 4) to blast a female cabin crew. In the video posted to the local celebrity’s social media, the flight attendant was seen holding a live stream while on duty.

Karl (real name Khairul Shafek Ibrahim) was spotted leaving a comment on the video of the woman. He said, “This live is so bad, sister. You are expected to be vigilant in all situations. I know this because I was also a flight attendant.


“I have no idea cabin crew today are allowed to go live on TikTok while preparing to take off. No matter how good you are as a crew, you have to focus on keeping people safe,” the “Hotel Mania” actor wrote on his Instagram post. “Has this air hostess even been trained? What is @fireflyairlines? Is it even allowed now? »

Speaking in an interview with Gempak, Karl also made it clear that passenger safety should be a priority. This is all the more worrying as it is advisable to turn off mobile phones. He said, “I saw the cabin crew live stream on TikTok. For me it’s not fair. You’re not allowed to use your phone on board. During my time they didn’t allow us (even to use our phone while working) Again, I’m not sure about the regulations now.

Meanwhile, the ‘Nasi Lemak Kopi O’ host also advised cabin crew to be more alert when working, instead of being distracted by their social media activities. “She was briefing passengers on the safety of the flight, but had time to respond to comments from her followers. Obviously, his mind wasn’t on the task at hand. » Karl was quoted as saying.

Source: Facebook

Karl also posted a throwback photo (pictured above) from his days working for Malaysian Airlines.

Sources: Gempak, instagram.

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