A former flight attendant reveals the five things she would never do on a plane

An old Flight attendant revealed a list of five things she would never do on a plane.

On TikTokKat Kamalani frequently shares travel tips. In a recent video, she shared a series of things she would ultimately avoid doing whenever she is on a flight. For example, she said she would “never ride in a plane without bringing snacks” since “you never know what could happen”.

Her second rule is that she would “never drink hot water” on a plane, which ultimately eliminates coffee and tea as drink options. She also noted that she posted a video in January 2021, when she revealed that the “water tanks” and “hot coffee” machines were “rarely cleaned”.

“These water tanks are never cleaned and they are disgusting,” she said at the time. “We rarely, rarely drink coffee or tea. They come from the same tank of water, and so when you drink that coffee and that tea, it comes from that hot water, and it’s absolutely disgusting.

In her recent TikTok clip on travel rules, Kamalani said her third piece of advice would be to “always obey flight attendants and what they say.”

She went on to explain her fourth rule, which was to never book a trip without researching alternative flights and hotels “just in case something happens”.

Kamalani added that her fifth piece of advice was that she would “never give out too much information, personal information, to someone who is sitting next to him.” [her] and ask questions about [her] life”.

In the caption, she shared one final tip for travelers, writing, “Oh and please don’t walk around without your shoes on.”

As of August 24, the ex-stewardess’ video has more than 4.4 million views, with TikTok users in the comments explaining their own travel experiences and strategies.

“I usually create a new life for myself and share random but entertaining fake stories about my life,” one wrote.

“I’m packing a BUFFET and people think I’m crazy,” added another.

A third person said, “Bring a blanket!!!!! It is always cold.

However, other people did not necessarily agree with Kamalani’s advice.

“Getting to know the people around you is what makes thefts tolerable. Especially if you’re stuck on the trail,” one wrote.

“I’ve been a flight attendant for 22 years,” said another. “I’ve been drinking hot water for 22 years and I’m still alive.”

The Independent has contacted Kamalani for comment.

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