A flight attendant shares the best safety tips to do before entering your hotel room

A flight attendant has revealed the one thing she does whenever she stays in a hotel to stay safe.

The anonymous woman shared her safety tips on Mumsnet, claiming to have been a cabin crew member for over a decade.

Whenever she stayed in a hotel, she said she always knocked on the door before entering, even if you think you’re the only one with a key card – and that she uses the chain. the door even when you change.

She explained: “I was a flight attendant [and] spent more than my fair share of nights alone in hotels.

“It is not uncommon for hotels to accidentally book your double room.

“I woke up several times when someone opened my door with an electronic key programmed for my room.

“I learned to dress and sleep with the chain on the door at all times.

“I also knocked before trying on my key because I ran into things that I never needed to see.”

There are other ways to check if your hotel room is also safe.

YouTube user LockPickingAvocado cautioned guests to be careful of issues such as ‘locks installed upside down or upside down’, so they can alert the hotel to the potential risk to their belongings.

Other things that could cause problems are the “incorrect strikes,” which are inside the door frame surrounding the latch.

If these are not fitted correctly, the door can easily be opened.

Many travelers reported traveling with a doorstop at £ 1 too, to give their hotel room extra security when they stay overnight.

A former hotel employee also said that you should never carry the key card pouch given to you when checking in.

Justin Aldrich, who has worked in hotels for more than seven years, said guests who lose their keyring which bears the room number, put their property in danger.

That’s because anyone can pick it up and go straight into the room – something that can’t happen if you just drop the key.

This article originally appeared on The sun and has been reproduced here with permission.

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